Dongeng Dari Timur

Once upon a time, there was a man who wished to be the richest on the land. He made a pact with the Earth God that in return of the uncountable wealth, he would sacrifice his last great grandchild, from his first grandson, from his first child.


The God of Earth accepted his sacrifaction and soon after he became the richest man in the land of Ambarawa. He owned the largest puppet theater in the region and his wealth was plenty.


Believing to own such a power, the man lured a Javanese pricess with magic so strong that once broken, it would destroy everything he owned. The devil was a master of deceival, and he fell into the charm of women’s seduction, the one thing that could break the magic.


The Javanese princess was an observant Javanese rituals follower capable to see the future: on the first Pahing Thursday of the month, all the wealth her husband owned would turn into ashes.


Indeed that day, there was a big fire in Ambarawa that torn down all buildings in the town. At that time, there was no banking concept, so all of his fortune was burned. In a bid to save her descendant, his wife seek refuge to the Queen of the South Sea.


The Queen agreed to give protection. A girl would be born and the queen would take her as her heir. The Queen’s spirit would make a lot of people love her so much that they will protect her from everything, including the Earth God. They will turn crazy on her, and those who are weak in mind would eventually lose their sanity.