Bintang Jatuh

Pangeran mencintai putri, dan akan selalu demikian adanya. Kerajaan damai dan tentram, mereka sepadan untuk satu yang lain.

Suatu malam, pangeran pergi berburu, bintang jatuh datang melintas. Bintang jatuh cantik dan gemulai, ekornya melibas jagat semesta, memercikan api menyilaukan kelam. Pangeran jatuh cinta pada sinarnya. Keanggunan yang menjerikan awam, tak ditemukannya bahkan dalam diri sang putri.



Tadinya gue kira hidup gue bakal aman damai setelah gue jadi jomblo dan ga ada kerjaan. Tadinya gue kira hidup gue bakal ngebosenin dan gue bakal mengalami penuaan dini. Tadinya gue kira gue bakal jadi penonton kehidupan org lain..tadinya..

Itu 6 bulan yg lalu. Sejak itu…nampaknya gue bisa menjadi inspirasi penulis roman picisan atow sinetron model 4 episode. Dan untuk menghibur khalayak ramai, sekaligus mengingat2 apa yg tlah terjadi..gue membuat beberapa episode FTV…

Window seat phenomenon

It was 2 a.m. in the morning and I had full day began early tomorrow. But thanks to my 11 hours of sleep in two consecutive days, I entered my insomniac zone once again. So I decided to wake up my baby (my one year old very cool and chic white platinum Sony Vaio 😛 ) and type something.


Singapore UnderCover Jilid 2

Pernah denger istilah “Ayam Kampus”? ternyata tipe bisnis macam itu bukan terbatas sama kampus di Indo ajah loh…di Cina..bisnis penyewaaan mahasiswa cerdas dan modis sudah dimulai sejak taun 1978..tepatnya sejak era modernisasi itu…
Di Singapore, gw taunya mulai marak sejak banyak expat yg ada business trip ksini…Jumlah ayam kampus pun melonjak 2x lipat ketika IMF-World Bank Conference diselenggarakan skitar 1.5 taun yg lalu…ini berdasarkan yellow pages search di masa itu..maklum, saya pun waktu itu kerja sbagai Information officer slama conference di Grand Park Royal Hotel…*ini kerja beneran loh! resmi!hehehe…

refleksi seorang kapiran….

I had a casting yesterday morning. And while I was walking painfully with four-inch stiletto, trying to cross my leg and move my hips, I felt dumb.

I might do the silliest job in the world, but I’ve promised I would not be THAT silly. Being in the industry myself does not change my perception of modeling. It is not a kind of job that requires high intelligence level. What is so challenging about stretching your legs in front of a camera while opening your jaw for two centimeters and giving a tantalizing look? And what is so smart about saying cheeky lines like, “I’m an active person who loves to have fun, so check me out! I might be your next product face!”

singapore undercover-Bonus poto!

Mari bicara hal yang ringan2 saja…masalah ini..tidak bisa dibincangkan pake bahasa Inggris..ntar aku ga dapat PR invitation dari Singapore, stelah mendapat peringatan dari Ministry of Home Affairs gara2 skripsi yg berbau rasis. Ihh…skripsi orang diurusin…pelacur illegal gede2 di orced kgk ditangkep! Ibaratnya pepatah…gajah di plupuk mata tidak terlihat… *halahh…kok gw jadi jayus gini y? gara2 jarang sekolah niii….


two-renungan saat di grounded…

It is not in one world that I live in, but two.
They exist side by side
Each is opposing another
They are forbidden for one another

In between there are grey areas
Things that both accept and both reject

A Christmas Nostalgic

It’s 39 days to Christmas, said a reminder in my facebook page and I am geared for it. This is going to be my first time welcoming Christmas abroad, and I want to ensure, I don’t miss any of the artificial. I bought three Christmas Cds, set a virtual Christmas tree (Thanks to technology) and enjoying Christmas decoration at Orchard.
And sometimes, while enjoying cool November rain outside my window, I make some hot chocolate and play “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”.
Do you know how such atmosphere will bring your imagination somewhere? Dreaming of white Christmas with every Christmas card I write? While I let my imagination wander, I can’t help but think of Christmas in Jakarta.
After so many European style Christmas cards I’ve seen and enjoying the privilege to be the majority here in Singapore, where people started decorate their shops by Aidil Fitri, I decided that I will always identify Christmas with my hometown, Jakarta, where 80% of its population are Muslims.
I’ve never seen snow in my life, but artificial snow in air-conditioned mall with red and purple decoration is good enough for me.
Initially having my Christmas here would be fun. After all, I am just a Catholic by surface, meaning that I don’t live up the spirit, THAT high. Christmas for me can be defined by nice Christmas decoration, singing all time favourite Christmas songs, posed dinner and midnight church. And I can get them all in Singapore, even better, minus the bomb.
But somehow, there’s something to finally see low budget-simple decoration hang at my neighbourhood mall, a week before Christmas, three weeks after Aidil fitri. It is as if it bangs me that “Hey, Christmas is here!” much harder than two months full blown Christmas light at Orchard.
And nothing beats singing Silent Night in my humid and damp church with a hint of worry from bombing threat.
The suckiest moment would be opening your Christmas present and drink last year’s wine under fluorescent light in your living room and sleep right away after that.
Or other option, going clubbing all night long, having good cocktails and get drunk, while realizing most of the people dancing never know it’s a Christmas night.
But it will be washed away the next day, once you wake up and for the last moment enjoy the Christmas buzz at a mall, before soon it is changed back to Islamic colours.
I guess living in Jakarta has made me appreciate Christmas more, just with the fact that it is so hard for us to have a peaceful Christmas. And I am afraid I could not appreciate Christmas the way I did. As I miss Christmas in Jakarta so much right now, I don’t know how to celebrate it other way.

Girls don’t want to know the truth

“Please don’t tell me the truth, girl, coz it hurts like this” It was not a direct statement. It was not a quote from a film. It was a nickname of a friend of mine. Guess what, the owner is a woman. Her nickname made me rethink on the distinct character of a woman, that is hard to be understood by others,
Girls don’t really want to know the truth.

Have you ever watched Desperate Housewives season 3? It is my favourite show. I love the way they mocked women’s natural tendency. Watching the show is like mirroring in a huge mirror that does not show the true you, yet, you still recognize that the reflection is yours. Oh well, I just remembered one episode there, where Bree revealed her friend’s husband affair. Instead of being grateful, the lady was insulted, regretting that Bree had to throw that hurting fact to her face. Despite knowing that her husband didn’t love her that much, she would still prefer to close her eyes and pretending there was nothing wrong with her marriage.

Indonesia di Mata Dunia

It is almost a week after my country’s independence day. I barely could remember it. No special meal, no ceremony, nothing. But incidentally, that day, Friday, August 17th, was the day I was exposed or reminded to so many stereotypes of Indonesians, from people of various nationalities.

It was the day my Singaporean friends marked me a daughter of capitalism. It was the day I dissapointed my Dutch friend with the fact that I am just an ordinary Asian girl..with her conservative way of thinking. It was the day I listened to BBC and heard reportage on Indonesia. And it was the day my Laotian friend replied my email, reminded me of certain stereotype I encountered in Laos.