A day in a Life of Myself

One of my resolutions after being single is having more order in my life. While that is not necessarily the case, I think it would be good for me to start my first blog by describing my routine, in order to avoid repetition…

Starting my final year in Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, I become less of a student than before. Matter of fact, I feel I am more of a housewife without a husband! I wake up early every day, take a bath, make myself a glass of non-fat milk and drink it with some home-made cookies. Then I clean my room, washing my laundry, ironing my clothes and doing other hall-chores. Afterwards, I did some photo-editing until lunch time. All my classes are in the afternoon, but I only go to school twice a week, so I can have my afternoon strolling in Orchard Road, shopping and drinking cappuccino while reading a philosophy pieces. At night, I have drama practice.


Nothing much changes during weekend. I have modeling course (ouch! Will explain it later…) and drama practice still. If I still have enough energy, I would join my friends to chill out and party, sometimes.

Sounds like a mindless girl? Well…yeah..I do have that thought too…I remembered receiving a phone call from my good friend, Hungie, the conversation was like this:
“Hey, What are you doing now?”
“I’m having my drama practice right now..”
“Meet you after that?”
“Oh, I can’t! I had photo-taking session at 3…and probably will have to go for dinner with friends…”
“You sounds like Arzetti wannabe”

But trust me; it is just 10% of my daily life.

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