in NTU, everyday is a celebration

Prolog: Empat tahun lalu, aku menjejakkan kaki di NTU dengan dihantui kisah-kisah horor. Ada mahasiswa yang bunuh diri karena setres. Ada mahasiswa pshyco karena sangking pintarnya. Ada yang jadi kelainan, ga kenal orang akibat depresi. Menimbang kepintaranku biasa aja, jelas aku cemas akan berakhir menjadi salah satu dari ketiga kategori ini.
Tapi empat tahun sudah, dan aku masih belum gila (meski sejak kapan orang gila ngaku gila?). Dan adik-adikku akan mulai memasuki tahun freshmen di NTU. Hendaknya kuberi tips-tips. Karena jika anda mau, bahkan di NTU, everyday is a celebration.

1. Buy some cheap bear at the campus 24-hour convenient store and climb the roof of School of the Art and Design Media after midnight to enjoy it under the stars. The beer is best to go down with chips and some jobless friends (*no offence guys! :P) If you’re lucky, you may get free X-rated show on the roof top, by some couples who want to have rendezvous free-of-charge. Once you get drunk, you may play the echo effect to get the security guard get you back to the ground.

2. Swim-Gym-Swim-Gym. It’s healthy, it’s good, it’s free. The best is to swim during exam period. Even if you haven’t finished your exam, pretend that you have. Nothing beats the joy of getting those envious look. Wear your fabulous bikini; bring a novel and a sunshade for the sunbathing session. The pool is right in the front of an examination hall. So make the loudest scream when you jump into the water. If that’s not fun for you, at least you look fun, and you inspire people to have some fun too, take that whatever way you want.

3. Make full use of your library card. Read all those books that may cost you a fortune, from Dan Brown to Salman Rusdhie. The forbidden literatures are mostly in the Humanity and Social Science Library. And when you do read, do not hesitate to bring the books with your own two hands. The thicker the better. It improves your style and credibility significantly.

4. Don’t sleep away at night. There’s free TV cable at the TV lounge and the aircon is on till 6. Even if you don’t watch soccer, play cards and drink..drink..drink..then grab a $1.50 breakfast set. After that you may sleep till whatever hours, regardless your virginity. Wake up late enough to get the cheap sushi buffet on Sakae Sushi campus and if you’re hungry at night, go for supper. Then go for cards and drink..and then breakfast..and so on…

Of course, studying is number 1, and study you must! To spend nights at the tutorial room, eat take-aways everyday to save time for studying is another way of spending your time. But considering the level of stress here, it is not recommended to add the burden of your life.

Epilog: Yah beginilah hidup sehari-hariku akhir-akhir ini, guna menghindari stress berlebihan. Mungkin bukan cara yang ideal untuk bersenang-senang, tapi dengan kepahitan dunia saat ini, sungguh tidak bijak untuk terus bermuram durja. Karena disini, stiap hari adalah pesta, dan di sana, dan dimana-mana. Stuju ?

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