Such an irony, how a minute awaited for long

Could just pass with nothing done

Or probably the best way a moment could happen

Is by letting that moment takes part, and us giving in?

I’ve been wondering all this time, of what I would do, if I ever see you again after these years.

Would I be raging and losing my control,

transferring my worst emotion to you

saying things I’ve always wanted to say?


Or would my pride overwhelm me

Fake smile and short hello

Like an old friend

Although we both know the term has never define us


Or I might not even recognize you at all

Drowning in lines of nostalgic memories

It is not you whom I miss

It is your shadow, the time and space that has been used up


But I did neither

I know it’s you

A delight in that crowded café in a busy weekday

You’ve changed, but I haven’t

I am still infatuated by your presence


I took a few step behind

So that I could indulge in your beauty

I have been deprived of my daily bless

How pleasant you are to my eyes


No fake greetings no anger

I want to tell you about places I’ve been visited

I want to tell you  I just broke my leg


But there will only be a minute

Let’s wait for a better time to converse, I said

Although I know that time is never right


So I took that last minutes to savour you

Greedily absorbing your lines, your eyebrows, your deep eyes, your lips

Sealing your last look in my mind

And I bid farewell

A wordless goodbye

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