two-renungan saat di grounded…

It is not in one world that I live in, but two.
They exist side by side
Each is opposing another
They are forbidden for one another

In between there are grey areas
Things that both accept and both reject


None aware that the other exists
Nor to know my other side, dwelling across this world
When I am on one world the other is worthless
And time spent in each place is irreplaceable

It was me who chose the other world
Its light and fantasy attracted me
Indeed it was mere mud that glowed
But I get used to inhaled muds
Just like fish without water
Like cheap roman moaning about love
I can’t live without it.

Sometimes the two worlds collided
I used to believe that they could one day merged
I was wrong; none would live while the other survives

I know which one I should choose
The reality world where I was born
Fantasy world only has dream bubble that pops once I plunged myself into it
I begged to be able to remain in one world
But my sense is numbed my feeling is blind
Indeed I’ll slip to the other world at dawn

I was granted all the power to let it go, yet refuse to want it.
As to choose one is to kill another
And to kill another is to kill my world
Should I betray myself, after deceiving my dearest worlds?

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