Window seat phenomenon

It was 2 a.m. in the morning and I had full day began early tomorrow. But thanks to my 11 hours of sleep in two consecutive days, I entered my insomniac zone once again. So I decided to wake up my baby (my one year old very cool and chic white platinum Sony Vaio 😛 ) and type something.



There was a heavy rain again today. I woke up early, but as the weather is so tempting, I snuggled back to my bed and continued my beauty sleep. I woke up again later in the morning, took a shower and went to buy some cookies. The rest of the afternoon I spent at Pacific Coffee Company again, this time, I chopped the swing seat next to the sea from the very first time. I stayed there, sipping my steamed milk and finishing my book. Bored with disturbance there, I left, walked around and hopped to another mall. I had plenty of time left today. My church was still an hour away when I reached there. So I went to get some lemonade at McDonald’s. As like yesterday, I sat outside, next to the bridge, where I could overhear a father and his son’s conversation. I wasn’t very hungry when I finished church. So I decided to have toast and eggs instead for my dinner. Sitting at a hideous corner inside the coffee shop, I watched the passer-bys.

It was a fun day, although not much thing I did. Most of the time I jumped from one cafĂ© to another, one corner to another. But it was nonetheless enjoyable, why? Because I could always get the seat that I wanted; the one next to a big window, street or sea. Window seat, that’s our topic for the night. I loved window seat, and I believed, I wasn’t the only one. People loved to sit next to an edge and watched others while sipping their beverages. So did I. I asked myself why I had to tirelessly move all my stuff after I settled down in a cafĂ© just because I saw the window seat was now unoccupied. Simply because I loved to watch people. It was a pleasure by itself to observe people, their motion, their facial expression and their relations without realizing them being observed. It made me in the position of power. Just like a painter with his nude model. We could precisely point out who held the bigger power in such relation. It was the painter, with his gaze over his model’s body, while the lady turned her face out, as if submitting her beautiful body to his master.

The painter was me. I looked over people and it made me feel intelligent. It made me an expert of analyzing people. For the moment I owned that position, I was the God, oversaw everything on earth, knew everything yet unexposed by anyone. The higher the position, the better it was, for the more we could see. The edgier it was to an endless border, the better it was, for there would be no reverse panopticon.

Window seat phenomenon was everywhere. It was there when you were watching TV, voyeur the actress without their knowing. It was there when you selected a room with city view, so that you could watch pedestrians passing by but not letting your neighbor peek on you. It was there when you took cable car, window seat in an airplane and duck tour.

However, it might not necessarily mean that the nude model does not enjoy the soft and tender gaze of Mr Painter. As much as we love to watch people, we too love being the centre of attention. It was easy to look at the real life example as you scroll down facebook pages. Pictures of two lovey-dovey couple kissing
.bed-style photography
and personality quiz results displays how much we yearn for people to look at us. We bare ourselves naked far before the painter begins drawing.

And just as much I love to sit next to a window, I love to write about it for public’s view.

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